Facebook, Thanksgiving, atheism, and me

24 November 15 06:57 PM
An old friend of mine, from well over 4 decades ago, pondered what athiests are thankful for on Thanksgiving. Here is my response. I'm not an atheist. I'm not not an atheist. I do have faith that I am a part of this matter/energy thing, whatever you want Read More...
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My kids are more confused than ever....

06 November 15 07:39 AM
The theme for my freshmen this year is confusion--I've already played Feynman's video below several times, and will continue to play it. We even have a giant paper banana now, usually tacked to the wall when not taking trips through the school. Our error-o-meter Read More...
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Day of the Dead, again

01 November 15 09:11 AM
I have spent, in the basest sense of that word, hours of my God-given life working on a document required of teachers here in Jersey. That I do these things speaks to a cultural insanity, and mine as well. And here it is a year later, and I'm doing it Read More...
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*** pink, again

03 October 15 09:02 AM
These words, posted 6 years ago, started as a visceral response to a friend who coined "The One-Boobed Systyrs of the Apocalypse." She's still fighting dead. I remember the first *** I saw no longer attached to the body it once helped define. I had seen Read More...
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September 11, again

11 September 15 07:19 PM
I wrote this in 2003, and it's not something I'm comfortable sharing. I'm sharing it anyway. Every breath we take.... It will only be up a few hours. I was a coward. A few bloody excuses. .. my family...I am not a trauma doc...my space is better served Read More...
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My annual school prayer

31 August 15 08:33 PM
please grant me a slab of slate a chunk of chalk a live critter a dead ego a magnet a marble curious children and a sundial's sense of time. amen Sundial at Rockefeller Center, NYC, National Archives Read More...
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Goals for the start of the new school year

31 August 15 08:53 AM
These were my goals in 2008. Haven't changed much for 2015. Teachers report tomorrow, students on Wednesday. Tomorrow's goals: Find a pair of pants-> iron them Find a tie that does not involve alcohol or sex or Disney Find my shoes (I spend summer mostly Read More...
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Insane things I hope to avoid this year: Micromanaging microscopes

30 August 15 10:26 AM
In America, many high school biology students go through the ritual of memorizing the parts of a tool they will then use to analyze a newsprint letter "e" under various powers and positions, only to put the tool away for the rest of the year their lives Read More...
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My best new trick last year: Errorometer

22 August 15 11:02 AM
While sharing pints with a few teachers upstairs at McGinty's , Chris Harbeck took a sip of Guinness, then tossed out a few words that changed my teaching-- "I give out points for anything, a thousand here, a thousand there. They don't mean anything." Read More...
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Chasing dopamine, amygdalin, and death

22 August 15 10:17 AM
My brother and I have well over a hundred birthdays between us, but both of us still love to dig holes and find things--living, dead, ancient, new, doesn't really matter--it's the moment just before discovery that matters, Dopamine is dopamine, no matter Read More...
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White on white

21 August 15 01:36 PM
Part of the reason for my recent silence.... I am working on "White on White," a blog that will explore white privilege, geared towards white folk (like me). I thought it would launch weeks ago, but the deeper I go into the rabbit hole, the muddier it Read More...
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On green beans and models

21 August 15 01:14 PM
The world, the one outside anyway, is incomprehensible. We nibble on models as we nibble on green beans, mindlessly consuming them as useful without grasping the wholeness they represent. In school we reward students for "mastering" the abstract without Read More...
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09 August 15 08:37 AM
On August 9, 1945, just over 2 1/2 pounds of plutonium was converted to energy 1650 feet over Nagasaki. Two and a half pounds--about the weight of a 28 week premature newborn baby. 長崎 Yosuke Yamahata, A Japanese army photographer, took this picture the Read More...
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Hiroshima, again

06 August 15 08:46 AM
Hiroshima was destroyed on August 5th, 7:16 PM, our time--just under an hour before our sunset. 広島 Sixteen hours ago an American airplane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima, an important Japanese army base. ... It is an atomic bomb. It is a harnessing of the Read More...
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01 August 15 03:35 PM
Yep, mostly the same post fifth time around--I like the rhythm of the year. "No ideas but in things." William Carlos Williams The English had a sensible name for this time of year before William the Conqueror b lew through--weed month ( weodmonað ). We Read More...
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